13 Points To Consider Before Hiring A Web / App Developer

hiring web developer

These days Google searches are all flooded with paid ads from design and development companies who are aggressively bidding on search queries to convince you to choose them.

It implies that while hiring one for your ideal product, you should exercise greater caution. You can read this post to find out what qualities to look for in a development agency before you hire them.

Here are 13 points you need to check prior to choosing an agency:

New Isn’t Always The Best

Check to see whether they have experience with comparable projects or in the same industry. Keep an eye out for experts who have already provided something similar to what you require.

Are they contributing meaningfully to the conversation and actively participating in it? Or do they simply respond with a “Yes, of course, we’ll do this” when asked questions?

Don’t Hunt For The Cheapest

Never base a decision just on cost considerations. Less expensive is rarely the ideal option; instead, let the job’s quality and the product determine how much the service will cost.

Remember to be mindful of your own financial limitations as well: more price does not always translate into higher quality!

By the way, Omar Technologies was just named one of the 500 Software Developers with the quickest rate of growth.

Location Matters

When it comes to communication, the development agency’s location is crucial. Deficits can harm the procedure and hinder the expansion of your company as a whole.

Don’t Rush, Be Calm

“When you hire a tech or software development company for your bootstrap/startup, you are hiring a technology partner.” – Diginovas, Jonathan Clark

Just because you want the product live as soon as possible shouldn’t be the reason to rush hiring an agency.

While finishing the job on time is important, it also needs to be completely working. And you must initially look into the product’s developers in order to have the ideal one in hand.

Set up a time to meet, give them a call, and go see them!

Here’s when freelancers and multinational agencies lose out against local devs. Since you both have the means to meet in person, you can arrange to meet at their office or a nearby coworking location.

be calm

Busiest Ones Aren’t The Best Ones Too

I am aware of some really busy agencies and brilliant engineers. Don’t be fooled by their ‘hefty charges’, cramped offices, and strict meeting schedules.

As most of them work on several projects at once, find out when they are available. That may be beyond their capacity to handle, which will ultimately cause the delivery to lag.

Research Research Research

Hiring developers from freelance websites carries a risk because it’s often impossible to verify the veracity of their glitzy “Star Ratings.”

Perhaps they were valuable for someone’s “Tic Tac Toe” game and deserving of a 5-star review, but how about your CRM software?

Communication Is The Key

What kind of communication are they having during hiring? How often do they respond to your calls and messages?

Do they provide feedback? How can you expect them to be engaged in development if they aren’t during the hiring process?

Observe how they are disputing points of contention with you on the project. Check to see whether they are somewhat interested in your idea or business. Or is it for them “just another project”?

Start Simple, Improve On The Way

Humans have a natural desire to want and strive for the finest outcome possible right away. However, this shouldn’t apply to the way you design websites and apps. It is usually preferable to begin simply and work your way up to the final product.

Creating an app is a continuous process. It requires constant iteration and enhancements in response to end customers’ feedback.

Build Mockups Prior To The Meeting

Don’t merely bring an idea to their meeting; instead, provide the necessary paperwork.

You can even mentally create some mockups of the intended product. You may design and construct processes for your app with a plethora of paid and free internet tools, making your idea more coherent.

A picture is, after all, worth a thousand words!

A variety of development tools are available for creating wireframes and mock-ups, including AppCooker, Mockingbird, and JustinMind.

Request Project Management

Customer happiness, customer-focused design and development, and customer-focused strategies are alluring terms that can persuade customers to choose such businesses. Regretfully, the reality is often the reverse, as you will be able to ascertain when cross-referencing references and testimonies.

Ask For Prototypes

If the app is too complicated, ask the developers if they would be willing to work on a prototype first. This also allows you to evaluate their work before to starting the major project.

Make Your Agreement Water Tight

A reliable development team is necessary before revealing or outlining your app concept or company plan. And that’s where a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) comes in to save the day.

For your own peace of mind, get the NDA signed first. You can either download our development NDA template for free or ask the development team to give theirs.

Your NDA should contain certain clauses, such as ensuring the agency and its staff:

  • Not allowed to work on the same idea or domain for the next two years.
  • Not able to collaborate with your rivals (mention them!)
  • Cannot reuse or share your code or any of its components
  • Cannot use your idea to launch another business

Monitor The Team Post Hiring

You still have work to do!

Set up face-to-face meetings every week, observe how they are handling the SCRUM, request regular updates, and don’t be afraid to bring up issues.

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