First of all, what is WordPress? WordPress is a Content Management System designed for developers, it is the simplest way of creating a blog and or a website.

Ease of Use by WordPress 

WordPress has a developer-friendly background and is very to get around to. WordPress has built-in plugins and functions that save you from typing excessive codes and long jargon when related to building websites or eCommerce stores. You can build about anything about websites and web content:

WordPress does not only make it easier for you to publish websites but you can create these as well:

1.) Ecommerce Stores.

2.) Blogs.

3.) Business Websites.

4.) Personal Portfolio Websites.

5.) Membership Related Websites.

Plugins For About Anything

WordPress has a vast library for about anything that you can imagine. Through these plugins, a lot of time that would have been spent coding can be used for other fruitful activities. WordPress through the installation of the plugins can make the process of making websites easier. Plugins help you build websites and they make you more efficient as many companies such as Sony Music, TechCrunch, and Time Magazine use WordPress CMS. Plugins can optimize content for SEO, install advanced email marketing apps, and add live chat on your website. Name of some of the famous plugins:

1.) Yoast SEO

2.) Contact Form 7

3.) Woo Commerce

4.) All-in-One SEO Pack

5.) Word fence Security.

Customizable Themes WordPress

WordPress offers some standard Themes for websites which reduce building the website’s time and help to get the site up. More and more themes are being added recently and they can be running to make about anything. These themes can be and each one has its own sets of special elements which make them unique. These themes are being made as per need without writing a single line of code. Now that’s a lifesaver. How about spending hours coding a header of a website when that could have been done with a click of a button?

Themes like Divi, SeedProd, Ocean WP, and Indigo can make you build all the websites you can imagine and also give you control of the design of your website, all the while making your website look more than professional


WordPress can save you a lot of time doing what need’s to be done instead of wasting hours on coding every single aspect of a website. WordPress has a lot of built-in functionality which can be rendered at a click of a button. Professionals and businesses are using it, so why not you? It’s time we stepped on the bandwagon of WordPress and give it a go! Everyone can be more creative this way all the while contributing towards building new and innovative websites.

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