The three reasons for learning PHP are:

Community Support

PHP is a very stable language and has been used by many web developers for years to come. There are many FAQs, and tutorials are widely available and the community is strong that they keep coming up with new frameworks to help make the PHP language easier for people. Frequent updates that occur mean that the language is constantly updated and supported by developers which shows that PHP is very reliable for making web apps or connecting to the database. Many veteran developers are using PHP to this date and it shows no sign of stopping, though the criticism is there the language is outdated but facts prove otherwise, and still many companies are using PHP for their back-end development. API Integration is also made easier and many databases are supported with PHP through the use of PDO.

Documentation of PHP

There is an ample amount of documentation and tutorials which can help you understand the language more. The number of tutorials available and reference manuals available on the PHP website can make your coding journey easier. There is a large number of developers available in the market who use PHP as their main language. They also see the idea of having documentation enjoyable so they can process and take out solutions for their development more. Newer versions of the language provide more support and have more stability than the previous ones and the CMS WordPress is building on it. The stability part means that WordPress is still using PHP and shows no signs of switching to any other language which shows its level of excellence. Security procedures and secure database connections are embedding in the documents which help provide more security and flexibility to the website owners and they can be more assuring that their websites are secure from URL attacks.

Faster website load speeds with PHP

PHP gives a tremendous advantage when taking into consideration the fact that the website load more and seems to be that it loads three times faster than Python. Custom websites are being built and it brings more competitive and speed advantage to the developers as they can make anything they imagine plus with efficient load speed times since speed matters very much when we make new websites, as consumers demand that websites load otherwise consumers become disinterested in your product and or website. Another advantage we see is that PHP is open-source which means it’s free to use language or software rather than any CMS which has paid plugins for any work that is being done. You can thousands of dollars and generate revenue from your website with no more costs incurred. It is also be used on web servers or cloud servers without any hassle and transferring data to a web server from a local host server is quite easier with PHP rather than uploading from a CMS

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