What is Ecommerce

What is Ecommerce


Ecommerce is basically internet-based commerce where there is buying and selling of goods and services over the internet and where people can find a platform for selling their products and or services while interacting with the world on a global scale. Ecommerce helps businesses to establish their brand on a whole new level and gain a worldwide audience which is necessary with the rapid development of technology in the ever-increasing business competition prevalent in the markets. Many companies use and are using Ecommerce to gauge their customers and better deliver their services as well as increase sales levels for their companies and improve the brand value as well.

Reasons to invest in Ecommerce:

Firstly, it can help you to attract new customers with a google search and make a new avenue for a company to increase its sales. Secondly, companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, & eBay to new use E-commerce stores to sell their physical as well as digital products out in the world. Companies have earned millions of dollars through these methods and become global giants because of their presence of an E-commerce store

Omar Technologies believes that E-commerce Stores need to be built and that they have the mass potential for gaining revenue and making income from store

sales and products. There are many platforms that are used to build eCommerce stores, especially Shopify, Wix, and WordPress all of which Omar Technologies can build to give their customers an engaging and nice customer experience. Helping build these stores helps companies to gain a mass audience and improve their sales all across the world.

Secondly, every company wants to increase its money-making potential and drive traffic to its websites and increase its sales. We can use affiliate marketing to drive more traffic to our E-commerce store and websites such as HostGator and Commission Junkie will help you to make affiliate income above and with sales in your digital products, so there are multiple revenue streams that can be made with E-commerce stores on a whole basis. You can try to sell on WordPress with the EDD plugin and make digital product sales on your e-commerce store. Apple store itself earns $32.8 Billion dollars from its sales from its E-commerce store alone.

You can calculate the value of one book sale  from an E-commerce store

Let’s say you sell E-books on your website.

$50(One Ebook) * 1000(Sales) = $50000 in your account which means that you have made $50000 in sales from your business or E-commerce online which takes people years of hard work to save that amount of money.

Omar Technologies is mostly using WordPress for their E-commerce (WooCommerce) store to design great stores for their clients which will help them gain an advantage in the market and reach potential of selling products for thousands of dollars in annual income. Every E-commerce store can be designed and fitted to suit business needs.

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