10 best Useful Tools and Resources for Designers and Agencies 


You have access to tens of thousands of web design tools and resources in 2024.

Excessive? Yes, but feasible if you let the professionals to assist you. After testing numerous paid and free web design tools and resources, we developed a list of the top 15 that includes the following features:

  • Website builders that help you build landing pages and multi-page websites quickly. No more screaming at your monitor in frustration.
  • WordPress themes that help you build complex, highly functional websites and online stores. 
  • WordPress plugins to extend a website’s functionality and help it stand out from the crowd.
  • Vector illustrations to help you add a unique design touch that transforms a ‘meh’ website into a ‘wow’ one.
  • Font identifiers that enable you to identify “must have” fonts like Apple or Medium use so you can then use them in your own website projects.

They are:

More than half of these web design resources and tools are free or offer a free or trial version.

What do these Top Tools & Resources for Designers and Agencies have in common? 

  • They appear better. Also every single one of them is unique in some way. Something that usually has to do with how easy and pleasurable everything connected to it is.
  • They make sense. Also everything you need to work with is thoughtfully arranged in the proper locations.
  • They are a true asset. Also they assist you in completing web design projects more quickly or producing more exquisite final products, which translates to higher paying job.

10 best Useful Tools and Resources for Designers and Agencies 

We have included the necessary information to assist you in your search and selection of web design materials and tools. such as top features, customer reviews, and product ratings from unbiased sources like WordPress.org, Trustpilot, and Capterra.

Having said all that, let’s get into it.

1. Brizy Builder™

When looking for a White Label solution, agencies and designers can use Brizy as their premium website builder.

This video shows one of Brizy’s most popular templates. Click on it to check it out.

The ability to brand the Brizy Builder as your own and enable your clients to build websites with “your” builder is its top feature. Other things you will quickly take note of include:

  • Brizy’s ease of use; all available tools and options are readily available at the location of action.
  • The capability of in-place editing for any kind of information.
  • The absence of the challenge of trying to produce material for a disorganised sidebar, which affects 90% of rival builders.

Additionally, Brizy Builder one of the tools which provides a fantastic assortment of prebuilt, demo, and template websites. The creative portfolio prebuilt website is typical in that it is appealing, of excellent quality, and has motivating qualities. In addition, Reseller Client Management and Billing capabilities, Marketing Integrations, and of course the White Label option are popular with Agencies and Resellers.

Customer Rating: 4.6/5 on Trust Pilot

Instant Support Capabilities: Support manual and YouTube videos

Use the builder for free

2. Trafft – Booking Software

The #1 Free Scheduling Online Software Solution for Businesses.

In this video, one of Trafft’s most well-liked templates is seen. To view it, click on it.

The flexibility of many website development or improvement tools to work in many contexts, such as languages, is one of its best features.

The robust multilingual notifications system, which can maximise client coverage, is regarded by 70% of Trafft users as its best feature.

The template for beauty salons and spas is one of the many aspects that make using Trafft a visually pleasing experience. There are many more features that you will adore as well.

Reading about a product’s capabilities is one thing. as I have noted once you start using it, it can be a different experience to realise what it actually is capable of. Among other things, you will learn Trafft’s:

  • Modernity and ease of use in both frontend and backend interfaces
  • Actual breadth of personalization possibilities.
  • White Label selection.

The latter is best for web developers and digital design agencies that work with clients in the service sector. Those who depend on virtual meetings and frequently want immediate confirmation of their appointments and schedules make up another significant client sector.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars on Capterra

Support Capabilities: Support manual, YouTube videos, email, social media, and Customer Support via Trafft’s ticketing system.

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3. wpDataTables -The Best Tables & Charts WordPress Table Plugin

The best WordPress plugin for companies and individuals looking to build tables and charts from several data sources is WpDataTables.

This video demonstrates one of the most common uses for WpDataTables. To view it, click on it.

The best aspect of wpDataTables is its Multiple Database Connections function, which is a data management innovation. As I have noted it enables every table to connect independently to PostgreSQL, MySQL, or MS SQL databases, guaranteeing the smooth fusion of data from many sources.

The selection of templates offered by wpDataTables, such as the weather monthly summary report table, are very well-liked.

Before long, you will learn that wpDataTables provides:

  • A ton of helpful features in a user-friendly package.
  • Unmatched data management thanks to its deft integration of elements made to deftly handle intricate data structures.
  • The capacity to easily construct tables from any source and combine data from other sources.

The range of usage addresses a wide range of tasks such as:

  • For people who have to work with enormous tables, there are fixed headers and columns.
  • Chart engines for financial, marketing, and instructional purposes that display trends, comparisons, etc.
  • Differential database connections—for users of particular database systems.
  • Convert value for presentations on project management and HR.

Customer Rating: 4.5/5 on WordPress.org

Instant Support capabilities: Support manual, YouTube videos, and the Facebook community

Get access to the product here

4. Amelia – WordPress Booking Plugin for Appointments and Events

For agencies and service-oriented organizations in need of an easy-to-use booking website, Amelia is the greatest WordPress plugin.

This is a video featuring one of Amelia’s most well-liked templates. To view it, click on it.

The primary attribute of Amelia is its automated notification system, which streamlines the process of classifying appointments as accepted, pending, declined, cancelled, or rescheduled. Notifications of upcoming events or birthday greetings can also be used to engage customers and foster a sense of loyalty.

Amelia provides a variety of templates intended to assist companies in growing their customer base. There are several editable templates available, the hair salon template being one of them.

You will quickly discover:

  • The modernism and simplicity of both frontend and backend interfaces,
  • The extent of Amelia’s personalisation possibilities and the benefits of its open pricing structure,
  • Its practicality and easy-to-use layout.

As I have noted for almost any service-oriented organization, including companies or agencies that handle events, the Amelia plugin is ideal tools. Also Amelia is a useful tool that developers and programming agencies can incorporate into their designs.

Customer Rating: 4.8 on Capterra

Instant Support: Support Manual, YouTube videos, Discord Group

 Preview the plugin

5. Uncode – Creative & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

For individuals looking for a one-stop shop for any kind of project, Uncode is the greatest multipurpose WordPress and WooCommerce theme.

In this video, one of Uncode’s most well-liked templates is shown. To view it, click on it.

The majority of Uncode’s features and tools for creating websites are excellent, but the demos for this theme have the best design tools. They are inspiring and well-made, with amazing attention to detail.

It can be challenging, if not impossible, to single out one choice as the finest when there are so many outstanding options. As I have noted one of the top five demos that people download or use is the Portfolio Studio demo from Uncode. Look it over and you’ll see why.

You will learn about the extensive customization options, the high caliber of Uncode’s demos, the importance of the wireframes, and the first-rate support before delving too deeply into using the programme.

Who stands to gain the most from using Uncode?Although it would be tempting to say “anyone,” the more accurate response would be:

  • Shop owners who are proficient in utilizing Uncode’s cutting-edge WooCommerce capabilities.
  • Uncode’s extensive customization capabilities, which address every client need, have made it the preferred choice for agencies and freelancers working with several clients.

Customer Rating: 4.89/5

Instant Support: Support manual, Facebooks group, and YouTube videos

Buy the Theme

6. LayerSlider – Best WordPress Slider Builder Plugin

The greatest WordPress slider plugin for designers is LayerSlider. It facilitates the creation of visually striking web content.

One of LayerSlider’s most well-liked templates is displayed in this video. To view it, click on it.

It is not at all uncommon for a newly installed tool or feature to gain popularity among users right away. In the case of LayerSlider, it’s the scroll effect seen in the templates that were released more recently. A s I have noted the majority of these themes have full-size hero sliders that have a noticeable WOW factor or entire webpages that appear to be animated as users navigate the website.

The broad range of applications this plugin may be used for—from popups and highly dynamic content to basic sliders and slideshows—is largely responsible for its popularity.

You will quickly come to love:

  • the incredibly configurable UI that gives them the impression that LayerSlider was created just for them.
  • also the interconnected web services that provide them with an extensive range of options for creating visual material.
  • a user-friendly Project Editor that arranges everything in the expected locations.

While LayerSlider may assist users in creating everything from sliders and online content to entire websites, its ability to produce mind-blowing, customer-engaging effects in popups and banners makes it particularly useful for creating material for marketing purposes.

Support: Support manual, built-in help inside the LayerSlider Project Editor, the support ticket system, and questions or concerns sent via email

Check Out LayerSlider 

7. Getillustrations – Creative Stock Illustrations Library

This is the ideal location for designers seeking exceptional illustrations with exceptional precise attention to detail.

One of GetIllustration’s most well-known icon packs is displayed in this video. To view it, click on it.

The three main components of Getillustration are combined into one. (1) 21,500 human-drawn vector illustrations; (2) a year’s worth of free updates; and (3) weekly additions of new illustration packs.

There are about forty-five categories to pick from, and each one has tens, if not hundreds, of captivating images, so it won’t be hard to discover one or more that you like. Moreover, you could even find it amusing. Students and developers alike can benefit from these illustrations.

Additionally, A few examples of the many categories include 3D illustrations, pencil drawings, simple ink graphics, and illustrations pertaining to logistics, ecology, and fitness. Utilising Getillustrations’ unique and exclusive illustrations gives users an advantage over using other stock photos.

They can also be purchased by the pack. In detail you should have all you need to keep visitors to your website interested with the 225 icon pack.

The vector stock images are in.Ai and.SVG formats.Figma and PNG file formats.

Preview the Illustrations

8. Mobirise AI Website Builder

A great online tool for generating and downloading full page websites using prompt commands only.

The Mobirise AI website builder’s most astounding feature is that all it needs is one prompt to provide a user a great website.

Additionally, That might sound a little too ambitious, but all you need to do is use prompts and settings to describe in detail what your site will be about, what it offers, what its benefits and/or specializations are, and then let Mobirise AI take care of the rest. Even better, you can write your preferences and descriptions in any language.

  • After the AI creates a basic layout, you may customise it by selecting the topography, colour palette, style, and other elements that best represent your business. No code is required; you can modify the pre-generated text or content to suit your needs.
  • You also don’t have to be concerned about ownership. In detail your website is not owned by AI. It only aids in its creation.
  • Google and mobile device optimisation are also not to be concerned about. That’s taken care of for you by Mobirise AI.

If you feel the need for a demo or prebuilt website to help you get started, Mobirise AI has a delightful selection to help you.

Instant Support: Support manual, YouTube Videos, and the User Forum

Start using the AI Website Builder for free 

9. WhatFontIs

The most precise font identification available on the market, all for free.

The best way to sum up this tool’s best feature could be to just say that WhatFontis has a 90%+ chance of finding the font you want recognised.

Additionally, That holds true for fonts that are licensed or free. That accuracy is unmatched by any other system, yet the majority of other systems are not free.

What it has that you will adore:

  • With over 990K free and commercial fonts in its database, WhatFontis has over five times as many fonts as its closest rival.
  • In response to your request, an AI-powered search engine finds a font and up to 60 near neighbors immediately.
  • There are links provided that indicate where one may download a free font or where one can buy a commercial font.

Note that if the uploaded image quality is poor, the accuracy of correctly identifying a given typeface may be affected. Additionally, before submitting, the letters in cursive typefaces must be separated.

Instant Support: User Forum

Identify any font for free here

10. Slider Revolution – More than just a WordPress Slider

For designers, web developers, and small business owners who want to build stunning animated sliders, Slider Revolution is the best WordPress plugin.

Additionally, With Slider Revolution, you can easily and without code create visually stunning effects for WordPress.

Making amazing sliders is only one of the many things you can do with Slider Revolution. One may:

  • Make a home page that, from the perspective of the visitor, just rocks.
  • Provide enlightening and amusing portfolios.
  • Create visually appealing sections for each and every page of your website.

Browse through the more than 250 templates in the Slider Revolution library if you need a little assistance or inspiration to get started.

The majority of these templates include unique effects that your visitors won’t find on other websites, and they are all 100% optimised for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Additionally, As an illustration, you might wish to create a website centred around the Masonry Gallery Carousel design because it is so captivating.

Slider Revolution is tailored for use in web shops and small agencies as well as for individual web designers.

Customer Rating: 4.6/5 on Trust Pilot

Instant Support: Support manual and YouTube videos

Preview the Plugin


This article provides you with a solid foundation upon which to explore the vast array of tools and resources available for web design.

Examine those on the list, give them a try, and add them to your toolset if you like what you see.

Look for some more if you feel like it. Additionally, Your quest for better, quicker web design tools and resources will never end because there are so many new ones available every day.

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