A Guide to UX Design in Berlin


It does not appear like Berlin’s position at the forefront of Europe’s tech scene will be shifting anytime soon. The city is a shining example for UX talent because it is also a dynamic center of innovation and transformation in the UX design field.

Furthermore, you may not always need to speak German to get a UX job in Berlin because the city is home to a large number of multinational corporations, especially in the tech sector.

This guide is your key to understanding Berlin’s landscape, whether you are a seasoned professional looking for new chances or an aspiring designer trying to launch your career.

How to become a UX designer in Berlin

In Berlin, obtaining a UX design position or working for a freelancing client requires a mix of education, skill-building, networking, and real-world experience. Here’s a step-by-step approach to get you started on the path to becoming a Berlin UX designer:

Build your educational foundation

A strong educational foundation in UX design will help you if you do not already have years of expertise in the sector, since there are now several official bootcamps and certification programs available.

Formal education, whether it takes the shape of a certification, a degree, or a boot camp, is respected in German culture.

Take into account signing up for official UX design classes or earning a certification in the field. Seek out respectable establishments that provide extensive programs, both online and off.

Build core technical skills

In Berlin, mastering UX design will need the acquisition of a few key competencies. Develop your skills using the fundamental programs and tools used in UX design, such as Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, and InVision.

Develop your expertise in usability testing, wireframing, prototyping, and user research. These abilities serve as the cornerstone of successful UX design.

Create a strong portfolio

Create a varied and eye-catching portfolio to highlight your work in UX design. Provide case studies that demonstrate your ability to solve problems, your approach to user-centered design, and the results of your work.


To network with industry experts, go to conferences, networking events, and UX meetups in Berlin. Creating a network can lead to job possibilities, mentorship, and insightful information.

Engage with the global UX design community and remain informed about industry developments by becoming a member of online UX communities and forums.

A few Berlin based communities to get you started:

Internships and freelancing

Get real-world experience by taking on freelancing work or internships. Real-world projects will improve your portfolio and provide you important insights into the duties that a UX designer performs on a daily basis.

The best place to start your search is on LinkedIn.

Stay updated on industry trends

To keep up with the newest techniques, tools, and trends in UX design, watch webinars, sign up for newsletters, and read industry blogs.

Language proficiency

Since Berlin is a multicultural city, being able to communicate in English is essential. Even though many businesses may only speak English, being able to communicate locally and comprehend the culture can be facilitated by knowing German.

Apply for entry-level positions

Apply now for UX design entry-level jobs. Check employment opportunities on corporate websites, professional networking sites, and job marketplaces.

Prepare for interviews

During interviews, be prepared to present your work, go over your design process, and explain how you tackle UX problems. Practice common interview questions for UX design.

Continuous learning

The field of UX design is fast developing. Make a commitment to lifelong learning by enrolling in advanced courses, attending seminars, and keeping up with the latest developments in design and technology.

Best Berlin UX design courses 

Berlin, a center of innovation and technology, provides a range of UX design courses to assist people in gaining the skills required for a job in the area. These are a few well-known Berlin UX design courses.

CareerFoundry UX design course

Our comprehensive, guided UX design course at CareerFoundry includes everything from user research to prototyping. With an emphasis on real-world projects and mentor support, this course offers industry-relevant practical skills. Along with assistance with job placement and a guarantee of employment, we also have strong ties to the Berlin IT community.

With a Baudungsgutschein from the Agentur für Arbeit, you can enroll in the course for free if you are unemployed in Berlin.

Curious about a career in UX design?

Start learning for free! 

Spiced Academy 12 week UX design course

Spiced Academy provides a 12-week, full-time UX design course. In just 12 weeks, participants in Spiced’s course—which promises to “transform your creativity into a career”—get their hands dirty with amazing items that consumers adore.

Ironhack UX/UI design bootcamp

Ironhack‘s The intense curriculum known as UX/UI Design Bootcamp includes both UX and UI design. To give students a real-world perspective, it involves practical projects and collaboration with professionals in the field.

Udacity UX designer nanodegree

Udacity‘s an online curriculum called the UX Designer Nanodegree covers the fundamentals of UX design. It consists of practical projects, mentor support, and a significant emphasis on portfolio development.

Super Code UX design bootcamp

UX design school Super Code offers German language UX courses. In particular, their full-time 18 week UX design bootcamp promises to transform participants into trained specialists in the field within 4 months. 

UX Training 

UX Training provides a range of courses that address important UX concepts. UX Training courses emphasize teaching students how to design and create interactive web apps in a fast-paced, interactive, team-based manner.

Top Berlin UX agencies


Fjord, a well-known international design and innovation consultancy with a strong presence in Berlin is called Accenture Song. With a focus on UX/UI design, they combine technology and design thinking to produce powerful digital experiences.


IXDS is a Berlin-based, multidisciplinary design agency that provides services in digital product development, service design, and UX design. They create user experiences that connect with audiences by taking a human-centered approach.


Edenspiekermann is a digital and creative firm that specializes in producing meaningful user experiences. Through logical and captivating designs, they assist companies in establishing a connection with their clientele, from UX/UI design to digital strategy.


Endava is a digital agency that specializes in interactive experiences, digital product development, and UX design. Their developers and designers work closely together to provide flawless user experiences on a variety of platforms.


Aperto, a digital agency renowned for its proficiency in UX design, digital strategy, and innovation consulting is an IBM company. They develop user-centered solutions that propel business success, assisting companies in navigating the digital terrain.

Typical UX designer salaries in Berlin

Glassdoor states that the annual compensation for a UX designer in Berlin varies from €44,000 to €58,000, contingent on experience, company, and specialization.

To elaborate, junior UX designers with 0–2 years of experience should anticipate an annual pay of €42,000 on average, plus an extra €2,000.

When working on more complicated projects, mid-level designers with two to five years of experience earn an average pay of €53,650 per year plus an additional €3,000.

Senior UX designers with five or more years of experience oversee teams, participate in strategic planning, and have a wealth of knowledge on UX research. Their typical annual income is €73,000, with supplementary compensation ranging from €2,000 to €10,000.

These numbers highlight the UX design employment market’s dynamic character in Berlin as well as its potential for expansion and competitive compensation.

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